Iran's tile and ceramic industry has a nominal production capacity of 561 million square meters and rank fourth in the world, said the director general of the Industries, Mines and Trade Ministry's Office for Mining Industries.
Mohammad Fatemian added that 150 manufacturing units are active in tile and ceramic production nationwide, which generate more than 43,000 jobs.
The official said Iraq is the destination of 75 percent of tiles and ceramics exported by Iran, indicating the weakness of the industry's commercial sector.
“Iran is expected to produce and export 440 and 130 million square meters of tiles and ceramics in the year to mid-March respectively,” he said.
Fatemian said efforts should be made to identify weaknesses, strengths, challenges and opportunities in the industry.
"A large number of studies have been carried out in this respect,” he said, adding that appropriate plans should be made to bolster the industry.
Fatemian announced that a document has been compiled on tile and ceramic export, adding that special attention has been paid to creating Iranian brands.
“Incentives and supportive policies should be devised for those involved in theindustry,” he said.


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